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Cheryl Hunt  Technical Writer │ Web Producer │ Knowledge Manager Berkeley, CA 94709 Cell: 510-325-9966


Cutting edge technical writer, editor, content, and knowledge manager; experienced in creating and clarifying:

  • Online technical content: concepts, instructions and resources, like Illustrations and diagrams
  • Help / FAQs / Technical and Functional Specifications, and other documentation
  • Display code / Metadata
  • Developer-Business communication

Keeping products and services sold and user-centric since 2001, using:

  • Agile, iterative development
  • Efficient troubleshooting and technical skills
  • Best Practices and Standards knowledge like, separation of content and display code
  • Great subject matter expert (SME) rapport and comprehension
  • Clear and comprehensive instructions
  • Extensive and intuitively located help/documentation resources

“Cheryl has a real passion for helping clients truly understand how to use our products and get the maximum value. Her special strength is being able to help someone through a complex process in a friendly, encouraging way.” – Program Manager

 Degree & Credentials

BA English Literature, University of California at Santa Cruz………………………………………………… Conferred

Content Management Certificate, Society for Technical Communication (STC)………………………………. 2011

Technical Communication Certificate, University of California at Berkeley, Extension………………………. 2010

Certified Support Professional, Impact Learning Systems International………………………………………….. 2006

Java Programming, Sun Microsystem’s course via Peralta Community College……………………………….. 2004

Certified Relationship Manager Developer, ATG………………………………………………………………………. 2003

Chapter Member, Society for Technical Communication and Bay Area Editors’ Forum (BAEF)……… Current

 Technical Repertoire

Written About:  Java, J2EE Architecture (basic), SQL, XML, UML, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, wikis, intranets, usability, metadata, GetActive/Convio SaaS CRM and CMS suite, and the ATG (Java) application server, repository, CRM, CSM, and personalization layers.

Writing Tools:  Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.), Helpware FAR (help creation), Microsoft Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, SharePoint, and Visio), Microsoft Windows, SnagiIt, TextEdit, and Perforce.

Deliverables:    Developer guides, training materials, administrator SOPs, user manuals, online help, client/internal FAQs, support knowledge base articles, community forums, web content, UI screen copy, intranet content, sample code, reference cards, readme files, demos, use cases, tutorials, illustrations, UML activity, sequence and scheduling diagrams, and best practices in marketing campaigns, data analysis, and compelling campaign copy.


PG&E : San Ramon, CA                                                  Oct 2012-Mar 2013

Technical Writer, Enterprise Integration Support Services (Contract)

  • Conducted a knowledge asset inventory / evaluation of the Interface Repository, updating it with:
    • Disconnected, Un-logged, or un-captured data
    • Current Subject Matter Expert (SME) clarifications
    • New Activity Flow / Entity Relationship diagrams
  • Helped define the Knowledge Management Project’s:
    • baseline status
    • goals
    • objectives
    • scope
  • Created developer level Trainings, Templates, and Quick Guides for the new Knowledge Management standards going forward

 MARINLINK : San Rafael, CA                                     Sept 2009-Apr 2012

Content Manager, Creator, and Editor (Pro-Bono)

Revamped Website, creating and publishing content from September of 2009 to present with HTML and CSS.

  • Editing and re-working content for clarity and web display best-practices.
  • Took the lead in creating this organization’s first-ever Web Producer User Guide, a content management guide that instructs non-technical volunteers on updating the MarinLink website.
  • Compiled, wrote, and structured navigation of Helpware Far—an open-source help system—to facilitate administrator-level usage of WordPress CMS.

Original Posted Mission Statement:

MarinLink helps community-minded people realize their dreams. We serve as an incubator and fiscal sponsor to individuals and groups whose inspirations range from homeless service, community gardens, health and transportation initiatives, environmental education projects, veteran's programs, and more. Nimble and solution based, MarinLink fosters effective and financially responsible projects and organizations by connecting people to resources and expertise, strengthening Marin communities through innovation and collaboration.

Revamped Mission Statement:

Revamped Mission Statement: MarinLink finds and fills community needs by connecting resources, ideas and expertise. MarinLink helps community minded people realize their dreams, serving as an incubator, financial sponsor, and multi-faceted resource for real solutions: - homeless services, - community gardens, - environmental education projects, - veteran's programs, - health and transportation initiatives.

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Continuity Focus: Santa Clara, CA                              May 2012

Technical Writer: Rebranding Web Site, Editing for SEO and Display (Contract)

Rebranded website for IT Consulting Company to reflect their integrated servicing strengths online.

Site addresses both business users and IT Engineers, using handwritten HTML and “white hat” SEO.

Tesser: San francisco, CA                                         May 2012

Copy Writer: Taglines, Company Stories (Contract)

Company story for a local food chain’s re-branding, going national campaign.  Details available after August 2012 launch.

Tagline for international restaurant chain’s rebranding.  Details available after Fall launch.

BART bike station: Alameda, CA                                   May 2012

Editing (Contract)

Consulted with vendor to update the website for mobile and social media optimization.


 Wells Fargo : San Francisco, Ca                                   Nov 2010-Dec 2010

Technical Writer (contract)

Hired based on writing expertise and support background, in order to update and recraft Bill Pay Manager SOPs used by Wells Fargo’s subcontracted customer support teams.

  • Consolidated two outdated product support procedural guides into a single manual, editing for clarity, comprehension, and accuracy while adhering to Wells Fargo text and visual style.
  • Restructured new document with minimalist writing, topic-based principles for easy machine parsing, careful to hyperlink TOC, SLAs, and emergency contacts for easy ongoing global updates.

~Completed deliverables plus add-on projects 1.5 weeks ahead of deadline.

 CONVIO / GETACTIVE : Berkeley, CA                                  Apr 2006-Jun 2009

Client Support Analyst

Went far beyond assigned support role for the GetActive eCRM, and CMS suite (SaaS), becoming the in-house documentation expert credited with 100s of FAQs and articles—the driving force behind Convio’s online community forum. Convio acquired GetActive in January of 2007.

Technical Support

  • Fielded questions via email (75%) and phone (25%) regarding GetActive eCRM and CMS suite, leveraging code-level product knowledge to solve HTML and CSS browser issues as well as matters with rendering, connectivity, authentication, web publishing, and email.
  • Handled most requests for API questions.
  • Often solved back-end errors without the need for escalation to Engineering.
  • Entrusted to handle emergency escalations for afternoon shift due to technical aptitude and efficiency in explaining complex software functionality.

“The addition of Cheryl Hunt would be an injection of team spirit and camaraderie for any team, virtual or real.” – Engineer

Online Campaign Communications Specialist / Knowledge Manager

Supplemented product specs, guides, tutorials, and classes in online campaigning best practices, with detailed why and how-to explanations via email and phone to educate outreach staff and designers at many of the largest national non-profits such as the American Humane Society, Polly Klaas Foundation, Planned Parenthood, the Red Cross, the Smithsonian, and the ACLU.

  • Consulted on viral campaign: Donate to Planned Parenthood “in honor of” Sara Palin’s VP Nomination
  • Championed 100-item web-based FAQ on behalf of Support department, earning recognition for reducing time-to-resolution across all staff by 25%
  • Lauded as the top-producer of online articles for Online Convio Community, generating over 300 articles that conceptualized product issues and presented easy-to-follow solutions

 ART TECHNOLOGY GROUP (ATG), San Francisco, CA     Feb 2001- Apr 2006

Support Engineer / Assistant Support Engineer / Administrative Assistant

Promoted from administrative role to full-fledged Support Engineer within 3 years, handling developer-level support (e.g. Java programming, API explanations, thread-dump analysis, JVM tuning) for ATG eCRM and CMS suite issues – often writing hot fixes.

Technical Support

  • Facilitated escalations and collaborated with developers on solutions for mission critical ATG eCRM and CMS suite issues, including compiling and debugging Java code, reading stack traces, writing, and packaging hot-fix java code patches, including:
    • Wrote diagnostic hot-fix during escalation of critical project for Smith & Hawken
    • Identified source of loss of customer data due to database and repository configuration for
    • Instructed engineers in successful compilation of hot-fix that cured crippling site latency issues for major online newspaper publisher
  • Interfaced regularly with internal Java developers for escalations, bugs, and knowledge transfer

Knowledge Management

  • Researched, wrote, and edited knowledge base and training materials for web application engineers and business users, preemptively addressing inquiries for clients at Rubbermaid, Johnson & Johnson, Martha Stewart, Restoration Hardware, Wells Fargo, and PG&E
  • Edited and brought accuracy to 30% of all ATG Customer Care “Bugs Online” articles

~Realized a 20% spike in customer satisfaction ratings through documentation efforts.

“…Cheryl more than rose to the challenge. She brought a strong mix of debugging skills, programming experience, writing talent, and customer service skills to the job.

She was able to keep her cool and stay reasonable with unreasonable customers in a high-pressure results-oriented role.” ~ Team Lead  


Outdoor Science School, YMCA: Boulder Creek, CA Other experience

Teaching Intern

Educated and supervised elementary school students, and high school counselors in immersion program of the environmental, geological, and biological sciences.