This Year I Resolve To Share Once a Week

This Year I Resolve To Share Once a Week With You, Jeff Johnson’s Nine User Interface Principles and Seventy GUI Bloopers.
The nine basic principles focus attention on the common user and what they need to do:
1. Focus on the users and their tasks, not on the technology
2. Consider function first, presentation later
3. Conform to the users’ view of the task
4. Design for the common case
5. Don’t distract users from their goals
6. Facilitate learning
7. Deliver information, not just data
8. Design for responsiveness
9. Try it out on users, then fix it!

The bloopers start soon with GUI control bloopers 1-7 (using the wrong control), and move on to 8-12 (using controls wrongly).

For those who can’t wait, go right to the source: