Review of GUI Bloopers 2.0 by Jeff Johnson

Common User Interface Design Don’t and Dos

Rather than being merely a collection of “screamers”, eye popping misuse of the Graphical User Interface (GUI) features and text labeling,this book is a collection of industry best practice principles, the bloopers that violate these sections of the cannon, and how to address these various bloopers. Not just the entertaining don’ts, but the infinitely practical dos.

The author quickly defines Nine “First Principles of Design” with examples of the bad and the ways to avoid them in general. The rest of the book is an enumeration of  categories of bloopers, and how to take steps to fix them:

  • GUI Control Bloopers (with 12 bloopers)
  • Navigation Bloopers (9)
  • Textual Bloopers (10)
  • Graphic Design and Layout Bloopers (8)
  • Interaction Bloopers (12)
  • Responsiveness Bloopers (12)
  • Management Bloopers (7)

It is very tempting to quote extensively from the book for entertainment and education, so I abandon the rest of the review except to say “I would buy it again”. Owners of the previous version of the book should check out the Author’s Introduction, and all the changes that have been made to provide better phrased answers, and new types of errors, as changes online have “progressed”.

I will instead tackle some of my favorite bloopers, and their impact on me as a writer.